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Book of All Saints

In our last installment of book reviews, we took a look at The Art of Praying, and staying in the same genre, we now turn to the popular mystic of the mid-twentieth century, Adrienne Von Speyr, and her work, Book of All Saints.

Under the guidance of her confessor--the famous Hans Urs von Balthasar (Benedict XVI has compared him to Thomas Aquinas), Ms. Speyr was instructed to put ink to paper on the many visions she was receiving of individual saints, which included their life of prayer (these visions were received over a period of years). In many cases, Adrienne was able to dictate the exact words of the saint’s prayer. Out from these dictations, we gain many insights into the heart of each saint (or well-known figure not canonized), which in many cases, was a thirsting for more of God. 

Book of All Saints is a reminder that the saints were ordinary people, but, who over time, became extraordinary in their perseverance in prayer.  The saints remind us, while prayer is not easy; it becomes habitual in our determination, and joyful in our discovery of His goodness.

What’s more, to read Book of All Saints is to uncover not only what they had in common—the humility and unswerving commitment to do the will of God; even if it had no rational explanation, but also how unique they were.  Indeed, one quickly discovers the beauty of the saints is found in their fidelity to virtue, BUT also the unique gift they were to the Church. In this way, we gain understanding into a much deeper truth regarding our own vocation to prayer and discipleship, which is this: there is only one of us, and God desires that we participate in His holiness, and allow Him to unveil the distinct plan he has for our lives.

If the visions of our favorite saints were not enough, our gracious God also granted Ms. Speyer visions of figures who we do not classify as traditional saints. On a personal level, this was most fascinating for me; to read about the prayer life of a Beethoven, Mozart, or Michelangelo--alongside the many great saints, was deeply intriguing.

I am most confident that this book will beguile you, not only in the almost hypnotizing visions of our heroes of virtue, but also in the simplicity of what it takes to become a saint. Caution: when you are done reading Book of All Saints, you just might find yourself wanting to be a saint!

This book is one of a kind in its nature, structure, and content. Simply, a must read.

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Unleashing the Power of Intercessory Prayer - Book Cover

“Hollcraft's book engagingly integrates his personal experience with the luminous witness of Scripture and the overflowing holiness of the saints to help you maximize the effectiveness of your intercessory prayer.”
Bishop Liam Cary
Diocese of Baker, Oregon

“With this book, Hollcraft opens the door to the humble act of praying for others and invites us, through practical and accessible tips, to step through that door with trust.”
Dr. Anthony Lilles
Author and Academic Dean of Saint Patrick's Seminary, Menlo Park (CA)

"As I read through these pages, I am reminded of our beautiful calling to pray for others, and Dr. Hollcraft explains here how to do so in deepest intimacy with Jesus Christ!"
Fr. Dave Pivonka T.O.R.
President of Franciscan University of Steubenville

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“Evangelization is never about numbers, and never about programs. It’s one heart setting another on fire. With this book, Dr. Hollcraft helps us keep the home fires burning—even as we set the world ablaze with Christ.”
Mike Aquilina
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“Hollcraft wonderfully displays the tapestry of Catholic life and evangelization by weaving solid Catholic teaching, its application to the modern world, and clearly expressed examples that bring out the light and shadows of this beautiful picture.”
Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J.
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for Biblical Theology

"In a world of burgeoning textbooks and media, the reminder that  catechesis is inescapably a personal task to which we are all called, through a cooperation with the redeeming and educative work of the Person of the Holy Trinity, is a timely and important one."
Dr. Petroc Willey
Professor of Catechetics, Franciscan University of Steubenville

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